Post-Learning Mobile Apps

Tools for Learners to Apply What They Learned from Books, Trainings, and Courses

What is a post-learning app?

It's an Android mobile application that reunites key content of a book, a training or a course. It mainly consists of key knowledge on a specific topic and a method to apply them in real situations.

Why to have a post-learning app?

We can test what we learned from books, trainings or courses only in real life situations. But, in those moments most of us face difficulties in remembering what we learned and how to apply it. There is clear evidence that if something new learned is not applied reasonably soon after acquisition, it fades rapidly (e.g. less than 10% of trainings results are applied).

It is difficult to reread a book or review a course when we really need them. To support learners in application of their new knowledge and skills is often pivotal. 

The solution is to have a tool that can support us. A post-learning app offers learners assistance with the transference of what they learned to application in the real world, anytime and anywhere.

How to use a post-learning app?

A post-learning app and the related book, training or course should be used in a complementary way. The app reminds users what to do, how to do and guides them to achive what they want from a specific situation. 

Here it is an example. How to Manage Pressure in Your Life is an ebook that shows readers how to effectively manage everyday situations when they feel under pressure. It offers a better understanding of behaviors under pressure and a method to deal with life pressure. In addition, a complementary tool - an Android mobile app - guides users to practice the method in real situations when they feel under pressure, anytime and anywhere. The app can be free downloaded from Amazon Appstore.

The main screen of the post-learning app for the ebook How to Manage Pressure in Your Life

How does a post-learning app work?

It reminds users what to do, keep track of implementation, and review the process. For instance, the post-learning app for the ebook How to Manage Pressure in Your Life is built around the method presented in the book. The process was broken into a series of steps that can be done one at a time, building from one to the next to reach personal objectives. Each step was given two minimum viable actions that provide an imediate task, with the aim to effectively deal with pressure. There is screen for each step and each action of the method. Each screen provides a short description and guidelines for what users should do.

A screen that guides the users to calm down and save energy by allowing their feelings and thoughts without identification.

A screen that guides users to develop appropriate and accurate interpretation of the situations they find themselves in. Writing down in real time is a powerful action.

Who can order a post-learning app?

Authors, trainers and teachers who want to offer their learners an additional tool to support them in applying what they learned or anyone who wants a mobile app with key knowledge and a method to guide the acquisition of needed skills in a specific domain.